Cell Phone Insurance for Any Phone, Any Network in Any Condition!


New, Used or Refurbished.  Anytime, Anyplace Cell Phone Insurance. Covers Broken Screens, Lost, Theft, and All other  Expensive Damages! 

deductibles per claim

Fixxed Insurance


Avoid the high cost of  Asurion, SquareTrade, and Apple Care when you get your new or used SmartPhone FIXXED! You can buy a Fixxed SmartPhone warranty anytime, whether the phone is one day or 10 years old.  


Damaged battery or defective charging port

Water Damage

Your device is underwater for an extended period

Lost/ STolen

If you have left your phone behind, or it has been stolen

mechanical breakdowns

Black screen, charging malfunction, or any other defect out of manufacturer warranty

Screen Cracks

Crack your screen? Same-day repairs on $40 Deductible.

$40-$150 Deductibles unlimited Claims

Unlimited Claims


Coverage against unexpected accidents and theft

Fixxed Insurance covers your Smartphones in case of accidental damages, such as cracked screens and drops, and liquid damage, like an accidental tea spill or dunk in the bath.

Smartphone Insurance also covers your Smartphone in case of mechanical breakdown, like a broken button or charging port issue. And if your Smartphone gets stolen, fear not! – we cover theft, too.

Because we know how important your phone can be, if your iPhone or Android needs replacing, we will aim to replace it as quickly as possible so you won’t have to be without your device.

Plans that work

We give you THE best priceS

 Simple and affordable plans

Fixxed Now

Cover Preexisting Damage


12-month agreement –  ACH only

Iphone Insurance

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$10Per Month

android Insurance

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$10Per Month

tablet Insurance

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Fixxed Now
Pre-existing DAMAGE

Join Fixxed Now and We'll Repair Your Phone Today!

Enroll your previously damaged phone in our Fixxed Now  Plan today and get Complete Coverage Starting Immediately.  

Join Fixxed Now for $25/mo and repair your screen TODAY ! 

” Pre-existing damage coverage is only applicable with select make and model devices. If applicable a $40 deductible is due upon repair. Our Fixed Now plan will not cover previously lost or stolen devices. “

After your claim is approved you will be given a list of local repair technicians to repair the device. Your deductible will be collected by the repair facility at the time of repair.

Theft, Loss, Accidental Damage, Cracked Screens, Water damage, Malfunctions, Charger ports, Speakers, Headphone Jacks, and all other mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

If you buy your phone the same day as your warranty, your coverage starts the same day. If you order your phone and buy your warranty before it arrives, your coverage starts the day your phone is delivered.

Yes, you can protect any device at anytime.

Device repair deductibles are $40 for approved repairs. Replacement deductibles are between $40 – $150

No receipt or proof of purchase required. Devices are protected based on IMEI / Serial Number and Uploaded photos at the time of activation.

Your coverage is activated after approved IMEI / Serial Numbers and images of the device are approved.

Crack or break your screen or LCD your deductible will not exceed $40

Devices up to $2,000
If we are unable to replace your device. Your device is covered to a value equal to its cost at the time of loss, up to $2500, as per your proof of coverage

Most claims are completely processed in less than 48 hours.


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