You might be wondering how Elon Musk got where he is today based on his uneven performance as Twitter’s new owner. His confusing and illogical changes to the verification checkmarks and his inability to make a decision and stick to it without changing his mind a few times does not inspire confidence in the guy as someone who can run a company like Twitter.

Musk’s tweet today threatens Apple and Google should Twitter get removed from t

And when former T-Mobile president and CEO John Legere said that he would be interested in working his magic on Twitter (albeit at a superstar executive salary of course), Musk flat-out rejected him without even hearing him out. Considering what Legere did for T-Mobile, taking it from its position as last among the four major wireless providers to second, the guy should get at least a personal meeting. After all, he does have a stunning track record and helped T-Mobile become the most innovative company in the industry.